As well as advising many businesses and high profile industrialists about their own strategic philanthropy programmes, Hartmann House has followed suit for many years with their work across the local communities. As an agency they have supported many worthy causes in Scotland, London and Jersey over the last 25 years and continue to do so. The problem with philanthropy in general is that the majority of corporate contribution programmes are diffuse and unfocused. They tend to consist of small cash donations, or providing general operational support to educational institutions and national charities in the hope of generating goodwill. Dr Tessa Hartmann CBE believes that all charitable giving should be well thought out to align with social and or business objectives. Using philanthropy to enhance context brings social and economic goals into alignment and improves a company's long-term business prospects.

In March 2020, Tessa read about the loss of revenue coming from the Jersey Hospice Care's retail shop. As an institution reliant on fundraising, this was devastating and had a direct impact on the running of the hospice. Immediately, she decided to arrange a meeting with hospice to discuss how to add real value to this important local brand, who provide all of their services free of charge to the local community. It became apparent that they needed PR, branding and creative support, to enable them to continue delivering important fundraising campaigns that allow their hospice to function and serve the local community. Hartmann House was therefore appointed their official agency and began providing all of their services free of charge. From brand consultancy to graphic design and social media strategy, their innovative methods paid off with the hugely successfully 'Million Pound Lottery' campaign. By taking the lottery online and implementing a social media campaign at the height of the pandemic, it allowed the lottery to sell more tickets in their first two weeks than they had done in the last 12 years. So much so, they sold out and were able to raise their vital £800,000 which allows their facility to continue operating and providing high quality palliative care and all of their services free of charge to the local community. "The hospice has an incredible team led by Emelita Robbins and thankfully there are some great members of the local community who came together to make sure this hospice could continue to serve Jersey. Hartmann House were delighted to play a part in this campaign and have vowed to continue our support going forward," stated Dr Tessa Hartmann CBE.

Hartmann House are also delighted to support 'Brighter Futures', a local Jersey charity supporting parents, families and young people in Jersey. Working alongside the main carer, their educational model provides people with the tools to cope. The charity regularly support some 150 families at any one time. As an agency, Hartmann House delivered a creative campaign for their new annual fundraiser, the 'White Collar Darts'. By creating a powerful brand identity, graphics, sponsorship material and marketing collateral in the form of a magazine and digital content, it allowed the charity to run a sell out event and raise that all important fundraising for the local community.

"This kind of pro-bono work within the local community not only allows these charities access to top quality professional services free of charge, but it complements their overall brand strategy and helps them deliver their all important fundraising and management objectives. We're pleased to be able to assist with our creative, our advice and to support these charities in these highly challenging times. If ever there was an era to come together and support our local communities, it's now. With Hartmann House immersing itself in the local Jersey community and being surrounded by people who are dedicated to bettering the world and helping others, it has been enriching and has given us a unique sense of purpose by serving those around us," said Dr Tessa Hartmann CBE.

If you have a business that is looking to add value in your local community or you're looking for a strategic corporate social responsibility programme, then why not give us a call. We can deliver a powerful philanthropic strategy that not only adds value to your brand and to the community but one that enriches you personally. The fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled.

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